Growing up in destitution was not an easy journey. It came with so many challenges that were internal, external, invisible and visible. All of these combined brought misery to me and I hated it. I wanted to be free from misfortunate circumstances that I didn’t choose or have a say.

This was the time when undesirable Uganda had just gone through the 1980-1986 civil war forced on us by warlord Yoweri Museveni. This war killed hundreds of Baganda and to date, no one wants to acknowledge that this was a genocide. Over one million people were targeted by these warmongers, in part because of their tribe. This war forced my unloving family to seek refugee in Iganga. We settled in Bulanga township for several years until 1989. When I started attending elementary school in Bulanga church of Uganda Primary school in 1987, I thought that life would be better at school, but it didn’t change. Out of curiosity, I started admiring trains that passed through my village of Bulanga–Iganga. I wondered where they were coming from and where they were going and I wanted to be on those trains to escape the adversity. I had no idea how I would do it though.

In 1988, my family returned to Mityana- Buganda Kingdom. They immediately enrolled me in Lulagala Primary School. I was around eight years. I remained at this school for years and learned how to read and write. Reading became my only passion. I was then introduced to books that were designed for younger readers. In these books, I came to note the world explorers. In further reading, I came to read about the story of Christopher Columbus egg from a book. I cannot recall its title. I wanted to be like him and that story fuelled my desire to travel. It reflected bravery and determination. (I don’t know why books never really mentioned the atrocities committed by Columbus) All I read about him became a fantasy for me and I wanted to travel the world like him.

I have managed to travel to several countries and wonderful cities. I have discovered myself through travels. I now know who I am. On this adventure page, I will share places I have been to, where I am going, and invite others to travel alongside me. I love going to any remote parts of the globe, yet cities still pull my legs and hold me hostage.